What is it?

kio-find is a KIO slave that allows KDE's file manager Konqueror to access tracker's indexing database. find_applet adds a search box to the kicker bar.



Since a screenshot is worth a thousand words, here are a few shots of kio-find (version 0.1) in action. First, we have the find:/ root window displaying the search history. Then, there is the search result of find:/java+xml and finally a shot of the find kicker applet in action.


Please consider this software in alpha status, it is released as a request for comment rather than for productive use. This means that support requests along the lines of "compilation fails with XYZ, what shall I do?" will be ignored until the software reaches a more mature state.

Future plans


Download the source packages kio_find and find_applet.
Patching tracker's header files isn't necessary any more, as kio-find brings the patched headers with it.
As usual,
make install
builds and installs each package. This software is tested against kde-3.5.5 and tracker-0.5.4 (and probably won't work with tracker-0.6).

Gentoo ebuilds are available here.


kio-find implements the find:/ URL (or rather URI) scheme. A find:/ URI consists of a SEARCHPHRASE, a FILTER and a FRAGMENT:

Example for a complete find URL:


looks for documents containing 'java' and 'xml' with a filename ending on '.pdf'. The URL find:/ will display the find history, i. e. a list of all queries that returned at least one result.
The find_applet is a simple kicker applet that calls "konqueror find:/$INPUT" where $INPUT is your text input.

Known bugs